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History of the Court

U.S. Post Office and U.S. Court House, Hartford CT (1933). The U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut met here until 1963

Centential Celebration of the Richard C. Lee Courthouse

Notes on the History of the Federal Court of Connecticut

On the Mythology of "The Mother Court"

Amistad Case Opens in Supreme Court

Laying of the Corner Stone, New Haven Federal Building, June 4, 1914

How We Saved The Post Office.....and The Library

Historic list of the Clerks of Court for the District of Connecticut

Historic list of District of Connecticut District Judges

Historic list of District of Connecticut Magistrate Judges

Historic list of District of Connecticut Bankruptcy Judges

Ceremony of Rededication of the New Haven US District Courthouse

Judge Burns Recalls Pioneering Career

Modernism and Antimodernism in the Federal Courts: Reflections on the Federal District Court for the District of Connecticut on the 100th Anniversary of Its New Haven Courthouse, October 30, 2014

Hastings is Named U.S. Commissioner Hartford Courant September 24, 1960

A.A. Ribicoff Federal Building Dedication Ceremony 1963

Dedication Scheduled June 17 With Specs Hartford Courant April 1, 1963

City's New U.S. Courts to be Dedicated May Hartford Courant May 19, 1963

Hastings Begins New Term as Commissioner Hartford Courant September 25, 1964

Hastings Resigns Post as U.S. Commissioner Hartford Courant January 21, 1965

Judge Swears Ex-Clerk as U.S. Commissioner Hartford Courant January 27, 1965

5 of 6 Member Counterfeiting Ring Sentenced Hartford Courant May 19, 1970

Four Name Magistrates Hartford Courant January 18, 1971

Judge to Allow ITT Merger Hartford Courant September 24, 2971

ITT Case is Closed Nader Claim without Merit Hartford Courant September 8, 1972

Gambling-Trial Tapes Obscure Footnote Hartford Courant May 5, 1977

Judge Bars Collection of $37 Million from Xerox December 30, 1978

A.A. Ribicoff Federal Building Renaming Ceremony 1981

Building Renamed in Ribicoff's Honor Hartford Courant September 15, 1981

Security Tight at Wells Fargo Hearing Hartford Courant September 4, 1985

Federal Workers Compete for Air Re Smoking in Building Hartford Courant March 3, 1987

As New Court Annex Opens an Era Ends Hartford Courant April 13, 1992

A.A Ribicoff Federal Building Modernization Program 1993

Ribicoff after Oklahoma City Bombing Hartford Courant April 21, 1995

Diocese Cited for Withholding Evidence Hartford Courant April 1, 1998

Plot to Kill Judge Hartford Courant October 7, 1999

Machetero Gets 7 Years Hartford Courant May 27, 2010

Judge Allows Suit in Witness Slaying Hartford Courant May 25, 2011

Judge Mobster Had Veritable Arsenal Hartford Courant February 15, 2012

Judge Rule DOMA Unlawful Hartford Courant August 1, 2012

Brothel Owner Pleads Guilty Hartford Courant January 13, 2014

Assault Weapons Ban Upheld Hartford Courant January 31, 2014

Local Fixes on Obama's List Hartford Courant February 3, 2015

Meriden Mosque Shooter Gets 6 Months Hartford Courant June 18, 2016

For 50 Cent Millions to Creditors Hartford Courant July 7, 2016

National Mock Trial Explores Fictional Murder Hartford Courant May 13, 2017

Stubborn Stand-Off Over Stolen Gardner Museum Hartford Courant September 5, 2017

Gentile to Serve 11 More Months Hartford Courant February 28, 2018

Hartford Judges in Ribicoff Building