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Pro Bono Honor Roll

During the calendar year 2023, the following attorneys have accepted appointments to render pro bono legal services to unrepresented litigants in civil cases in this Court. These attorneys have devoted their time and expertise to ensuring access to justice to those who could otherwise not afford it. Their outstanding contributions are worthy of recognition and the Judges of the District of Connecticut thank them for their service.


Lori Alexander Thomas Hedemann James Noonan
Elizabeth Ann Alquist Eric Herst James Riley
Joseph Andriola Kail Jethmalani James Ringold
Gideon Asemner Jeffrey Kestenband Thomas Rohback
Nathaniel Baber Rachel Kindseth Aaron Romney
Andrew Paul Barsom Marc Kurzman Katie Ann Roy
Alexis Beyerlein Chad Landman Katherine Rule
Dennis Brown Rosalie Lewis James Shearin
Josiah Butts Douglas Lieb Frank Silvestri
Steven Coyle Victoria J. Lu Michael John Spagnola
Anthony DeBassio Jarad Lucan Peter E. Strniste
Jason DePatie Joaquin Madry John Tanski
Craig T. Dickinson Adam Maiocco Michael Thomason
Nicholas D.M. Duffee Kent Mancini Frederick Trotta
Daniel Patrick Elliott Luke Martin Rachel Volkman
Deborah Etlinger Joseph Martini Thomas Wilcutts
Beverly Garofalo Maura Mastrony John Wolfson
Thomas Gerarde Edward M. Mathias Eva Yung
James Golicz Claire McNamara Johann Zelman
Brendan Gooley Peter Joseph Murphy  
Edward Heath Kara Newell