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Important Information For eFilers

Electronic Filing of New Civil Cases

Attorneys may electronically file new civil cases which are initiated by a Complaint, Notice of Removal, Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, or a Petition to Quash IRS Summons. Attorneys may also electronically file new miscellaneous civil cases initiated by a Motion to Quash or Motion to Compel related to foreign subpoenas. Step by step instructions to help guide you on how to electronically open a civil case or miscellaneous civil case and instructions for searching and adding parties are posted here for reference. If you make an error during the case opening process during normal business hours, please contact the Clerk's Office for assistance. Do not attempt to open another case. Any questions or requests for assistance outside business hours, please send an email to and someone will respond during business hours.

When opening your case, you will be prompted to pay the filing fee electronically through, a secure web-based application that interfaces with CM/ECF. 

Electronic Filing of Notices of Appeal and Motions for Admission of Visiting Attorneys in Civil Cases

Attorneys may electronically file motions for admission pro hac vice and notices of appeal in civil cases. When efiling, you will be prompted to pay the filing fee electronically through

Filing of Appearances

You may not file an appearance on behalf of another attorney. The attorney filing the appearance must be the attorney that is logged into CM/ECF.

Electronic Signatures

All efiled documents must contain either an electronic signature(s) or a scanned image of a signature(s). Please see Section XI B of the Policy and Procedures Administrative Order for more information on signatures.

Reminder Re: Courtesy Copies

Reminder to Counsel: Please submit courtesy copies in compliance with each Judge's Electronic Filing Order.

Adobe Acrobat Reader in CM/ECF

Due to the various versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader that are available, some users may have experienced opening a PDF document and seeing a blank page. If this occurs, please use the following corrective measure:

After receiving the blank screen from a Query, click the Back button in your browser. Under Document Options you will need to select the check box labeled, Include Headers When Displaying PDF Documents. Click Run Report again and the page will display correctly.

Also, it is possible to set this as a default setting. Log into your CM/ECF account and select Utilities. Click on Maintain Your Account and check off the box Add Headers to PDF Documents.