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Criminal Case Information



Defense counsel are responsible for submitting a complete bond package to the United States Attorney’s Office. A complete bond package consists of the following.

  1. A recent appraisal of the subject property.
  2. A title search of the subject property.
  3. For any encumbrance identified on the title search, a statement from the mortgagee/lienholder for each encumbrance of the remaining balance for each debt secured by an encumbrance.
  4. A fully executed State of Connecticut real estate tax conveyance form Op-236. For further information, go to Not applicable if real property is located in any state other than Connecticut.
  5. A fully executed Mortgage Deed, recorded on the appropriate land records. If subject real property is located in New York, substitute Confession of Judgment and Affidavit in Support of Confession of Judgment form
  6. A fully executed Warranty Deed.
  7. A fully executed Escrow Agreement.
  8. Fully executed District Court bond forms AO98, AO100A, AO100B, AO199A, AO199B, AO199C.

Defense counsel are responsible for ensuring release of the real estate bond package. In order to effectuate a release, the following submissions must be completed.

  1. A Motion to Exonerate Bond pursuant to Fed.R.Crim.P. 46(g).
  2. A Release of Mortgage Deed for signature by the United States Attorney. If subject property is located in New York, substitute a Satisfaction of Judgment.

Bond Forms

Request for Appointment of Counsel

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