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Celebrate Constitution and Citizenship Day

Constitution and Citizenship Day is officially celebrated on September 17 each year but can be celebrated at any convenient time that month. This day is set aside to commemorate the September 17, 1787, signing of the United States Constitution. The Constitution and Citizenship Day materials are generally available in September. Explore the content of past Constitution and Citizenship Day programs by clicking the following links.

  • WRITE WELCOME LETTERS TO NEW CITIZENS: Students can welcome newly naturalized citizens by writing letters to them. The court will then use these letters at naturalization ceremonies by giving them to new citizens, reading them during the ceremony, or displaying them in the courthouse. It may also be possible for students to personally deliver their letters during a naturalization ceremony.
  • ATTEND A NATURALIZATION CEREMONY: The court can invite students or a community group to attend a naturalization ceremony at the courthouse and meet with the presiding judge following the ceremony. It may also be possible for participants to attend a naturalization ceremony online. Ceremonies are generally held on Fridays but may be held on other days if requested.
  • PARTICIPATE IN ART EXHIBITS: The court invites elementary through middle school students to submit artwork depicting Law Day or Constitution and Citizenship Day themes. All entries will be on display in the federal courthouses in New Haven, Hartford, and Bridgeport through the month of May. Alternatively, the artwork may be submitted and displayed digitally during an evening online session for the student artists and their families. A Certificate of Recognition or/or prizes will be awarded.
  • PARTICIPATE IN ESSAY CONTESTS: The court can engage middle school or high school students in essay contests addressing a legal issue either as part of Law Day or Constitution and Citizenship Day. The essays will be judged by court staff, attorneys, and/or judges, and the judges can invite students to the courthouse to read their winning essays. Alternatively, the students and their families may attend an evening online session during which the winning students can read their essays. Prizes can be awarded to the winning writers. Explore the content of past Constitution and Citizenship Day essay contests by clicking the following link.
  • COMPETE IN CONSTITUTION QUIZ BOWL: Students are invited to answer Constitution Bowl questions posted on the court’s website. This challenging and fun game is offered in September to coincide with Constitution and Citizenship Day. Prizes can be awarded.
  • REQUEST HANDOUTS: The court can distribute information explaining Law Day and Constitution and Citizenship Day that can be read during morning announcements at schools or for other purposes.

Interested in registering for any of these options?