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Michael P. Shea

Chief United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut

Staff Information

Sarah Bender Law Clerk 860-240-3136
Miriam Pierson Law Clerk 860-240-3136
Amy Constantine Law Clerk 860-240-3136
Christina Sichanh Courtroom Deputy 860-240-3205
Julie Monette Court Reporter 860-212-6937  or (
Laurie Housman Law Clerk/Judicial Assistant 860-240-3136


United States Courthouse
450 Main Street - Annex 135
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
Location: Courtroom 3

Driving Directions

Chamber's Telephone   860-240-3136
Clerk's Office Telephone   860-240-3200
Clerk's Office Fax   860-240-3211


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