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  1. Ceremonies

    Naturalization Hearings are usually held each month as follows:

    New Haven Second Friday
    Hartford First Friday
    Bridgeport Third Friday

    Taking pictures in the courtroom is the discretion of the presiding judge or magistrate judge. Questions concerning photographing ceremonies should be directed to the courtroom deputy.

  2. For Verification of Citizenship

    For verification of citizenship or to request a replacement certificate, you must contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) directly. See their website for more information at (

  3. To Request a Copy of a Citizen’s Name Change Petition
    1. Naturalized between 1906 through 2015

      Citizens Naturalized in Bridgeport, Hartford or New Haven between the years above may request a copy of their name change form from the facility that maintains our permanent records, which is:

      National Archives
      Genealogy Archives Section
      380 Trapelo Road
      Waltham MA 02452
      Tel. (866) 406-2379
      Fax. (781) 663-0154

      Request should include:

      • Your name and a daytime contact phone number;
      • Citizen's prior name and new name (if applicable);
      • Date of naturalization;
      • Location of naturalization ceremony. (Hartford, Bridgeport, or New Haven)
      • Alien registration number or naturalization certificate number, if possible.

      You will be notified of charges and can make payment arrangements directly with the center. For additional information on naturalization records go to the National Archives Website.

    2. Naturalized between 2016 to current

      Citizens Naturalized in Bridgeport, Hartford or New Haven between the years above may request a copy of a name change form by contacting the Clerk’s Office where the ceremony was held:

      • New Haven: 203-773-2140
      • Bridgeport: 203-579-5861
      • Hartford: 860-240-3200

      A clerk can inform you if the name change form is still located with the Court or if it has been transferred to the Federal Records Center (FRC) in Waltham MA.

      • If it is in the Clerk’s Office, we can provide you copies at .50 cents per page with a written request.
      • If it is at the FRC, you will need to submit a written request to the Clerk’s Office for the document be Smart Scanned from the FRC. The fee for this request includes:
        • A $10.00 Smart Scan fee,
        • A $9.90 fee to pull and re-file records, and,
        • A $.65 per page for FRC copies.
    3. The Clerk’s Office will contact you with the final total for your request. Upon receipt of the fee, the document will be sent to you.

For Office Use:

Bridgeport Records 1/1/16-12/31/22 Accession 021-2022-0281
Bridgeport Records April 2015, 1/1/8-12/31/00 Accession 021-2022-0013
Hartford Records 1/1/16-12/31/20 Accession 021-2022-0009
New Haven Records 1/1/16-9/30/21 Accession 021-2022-0017