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Non-Capital Cases

The Clerk's Office staff will audit your voucher to ensure that your claims are allowable under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and the Guidelines for the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act (Guidelines), adopted by the Judicial conference of the United States. The staff will flag claims that exceed the limits and will strike claims that are not allowable under the Act or the Guidelines. Your claim will be reviewed for reasonableness and compliance with the CJA and the Guidelines by the United States District Judge or Magistrate Judge who presides over your case.



All inquiries and claims for payments regarding, CJA 20s, CJA 21s and CJA 24s, should be directed to:

Tasha Oliver
CJA Audit Clerk - Bridgeport Judges
Brien McMahon Federal Building
915 Lafayette Boulevard
Bridgeport, Connecticut  06604
Direct: 203-579-5759