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Request for Video Conferencing

The U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut has one mobile video conference system in each of our divisional offices: Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

Some of the systems are portable and may be used for court-related work. These can be installed most places within the court, as long as the system is available, and not already in use.

The system can connect via ISDN phone lines or TCP/IP networking, and is compatible with most other enterprise-level systems, but may not be compatible with all, so it is highly advised that connections be tested at least one week in advance. The court will make no guarantee that the system will be available, operational, or that any connectivity will be sufficient for video conferencing, or be error free for the duration of the conference.

Submission of a request does not guarantee that equipment will be available until confirmed by court staff. All requests are subject to change / substitution based on equipment availability. When possible all calls will be setup 30 minutes prior to the proceeding.

Courtroom Technology