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Federal Records Center

National Archives and Records Administration (FRC)

The Clerk's Office generally send case files to the Federal Records Center (FRC) in Waltham, MA, after they have been closed for at least two years.

To determine if a file is at the FRC or still in one of the Clerk's Offices in the District of Connecticut, QUERY the case file LOCATION in PACER or CM/ECF. If the file is at the FRC, the following screen will appear:

Case Number Volume Case Title FRC Shipment Code FRC Accession Number Box Number FRC Location Date Shipped Description
3:00-cv-00001-AVC CS1 Christian, et al v. Jeppesen Sanderson, et al 021-03-0061 021-03-0061   122   D76998   03/29/2005   D76998-7000 D77000 D77001 D77001-002 D77002-003 D77003 D77004 D77005-006 D77006-008 D77008-009 D77009 D77009-010 D77010 D77010-011 D77012 D77012-013 D77013-015 D77016 D77016-017 D77018 D77018-019 D77019 D77020 D77020-021  


If the file is still in our office, the following screen will appear:

Case Number Volume Case Title Current Location Checked Out Hold Request
3:09-cv-00001-SRU CS1 Petion et al v. Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp et al New Haven: default open area 01/07/2009 15:04:34  


Please note that files are kept at the seat of court where the presiding judge holds Court, even though the information on this page reflects that this file is in the New Haven office. Since the judge is SRU (Judge Underhill), the file is in the Bridgeport office. Click on the appropriate name listed in our Judges' Info section above or here:

1. To request DOCUMENT(S) from a file that has been shipped to the FRC, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the FRC website. **Please note you will first need to QUERY the Case File LOCATION in PACER or CM/ECF to obtain FRC case data information.

2. To view a CASE FILE that has been shipped to the FRC, the file will need to be recalled and sent to a Clerk's Office in Connecticut. There is a $64.00 retrieval fee for the first box and $39.00 for each additional box. To have a file sent to the Clerk's Office, mail or fax a request to the Clerk's Office requesting that the file be retrieved from the FRC along with the fee payable to Clerk, U. S. District Court. Upon receipt of the fee, the file will be ordered and the Clerk's Office will contact you when the file arrives at our office.