Criminal Justice Act

The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) (United States Code: Title 18, § 3006A) provides federal funds for attorneys, experts, and services necessary for the adequate representation of indigent defendants. In the District of Connecticut, the CJA Unit of the Clerk's Office administers the CJA.

In addition to overseeing payment to counsel and experts, the CJA Unit serves as a resource for panel members in their representation of indigent clients.

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Notice to CJA Counsel RE: Submission of Paper Vouchers with Split Compensation



If you have questions with regard to CJA Vouchers and/ or process, please contact:

Bonnie D’Onofrio
CJA Audit Clerk                                  
Abraham Ribicoff Federal Bldg
450 Main Street                                 
Hartford, Connecticut 06103                    
Direct: 860-240-3206                              

Jazmin Perez
CJA Audit Clerk- Death Penalty
Richard C. Lee United States Court House
141 Church Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510
Direct: 203-773-2407