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To place a transcript order for a court proceeding that was covered by an Electronic Court Recording Operator (ECRO) or recorded utilizing the court digital audio recording program (FTR), complete the Transcript Order form (AO435) and fax or mail it to one of the below locations where the hearing was held:



New Haven:

915 Lafayette Boulevard 450 Main Street 141 Church Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604 Hartford, CT 06103 New Haven, CT 06510
Fax: (203) 579-5867 Fax: (860) 240-3211 Fax: (203) 773-2334


Court Reporters

To place a transcript order for a proceeding with a court reporter, please contact the individual court reporter directly at the telephone number listed below.

Court Reporter's Name Judge Reporter's Number Reporter's Email Address
Sharon Masse* Judge Stefan R. Underhill
Note:*Contact Ms. Masse for proceedings held after 9/6/2015. For previous proceedings, contact Susan Catucci.
Susan Catucci   (917) 703-0761
Terri Fidanza Judge Janet C. Hall (203) 910-4567
Martha Marshall* Judge Mark R. Kravitz (860) 214-7929
Diana Huntington Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer (860) 463 3180
Susan Lamoureux Judge Dominic J. Squatrito (860) 214-2057  
Martha Marshall Judge Christopher F. Droney (860) 214-7929
Julie Monette* Judge Michael P. Shea (860) 212-6937
Melissa J. Cianciullo* Judge Janet Bond Arterton (203) 606-1794

Note: *Contact Tracy Gow for proceedings held between 10/2/2017 and 10/2/2019. Contact Julia Cashman at (203) 988-4047 for proceedings held between 2/2/2015 and 10/1/2017. For prior proceedings, contact Sharon Montini.

Note:*Contact Julie Monette for proceedings held on or after 2/4/19 and Martha Marshall for proceedings held before 2/4/2019.

Corinna Thompson Judge Alvin W. Thompson (860) 712-8345
Sharon Montini Judge Victor A. Bolden (203) 865-8089
Note: *Transcript requests for hearings covered by Thea Finkelstein should now be directed to Sharon Montini.
Darlene Warner Judge Robert N. Chatigny
Traci Gow* Judge Kari A. Dooley (203) 910-0323
Note: *Contact Traci Walker at (770)-344-7653 for proceedings before 10/2/19.
Clerk's Office Judge Ellen Bree Burns (203) 773-2140  
Clerk's Office Judge Charles S. Haight Jr. (203) 773-2140  

Maximum Transcript Fee Rates for All Parties Per Page1

Type of Transcript Original First Copy to Each Party Each Additional Copy to the Same Party
Ordinary $3.65 $0.90 $0.60
Fourteen-Day $4.25 $0.90 $0.60
Expedited $4.85 $0.90 $0.60
Three-Day $5.45 $1.05 $0.75
Daily $6.05 $1.20 $0.90
Hourly $7.25 $1.20 $0.90
One Feed2: $3.05 per page
Two to Four Feeds2: $2.10 per page
Five or More Feeds2: $1.50 per page

1All fees set by the Judicial Conference and Effective January 1, 2012

2A real-time feed is the electronic data flow from the court reporter to the computer of each person or party ordering and receiving the real-time transcription in the courtroom


  1. Ordinary Transcript: A transcript to be delivered within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  2. Fourteen-Day Transcript: A transcript to be delivered within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  3. Expedited Transcript: A transcript to be delivered within seven (7) calendar days after receipt of an order.
  4. Daily Transcript: A transcript to be delivered following adjournment and prior to the normal opening hour of the court on the following morning whether or not it actually is a court day.
  5. Hourly Transcript: A transcript of proceedings ordered under unusual circumstances to be delivered within two (2) hours.
  6. Real-Time Transcript: A draft unedited transcript produced by a certified real-time reporter as a by-product of real-time to be delivered electronically during proceedings or immediately following adjournment.